Top 5 Blogs To Follow For Blogging Tricks, Tips and Inspiration.

Everyone who wants to starts blogging or is a new blogger looks for information online to know how to do it or how he or she can become a better blogger. Starting a blog is perhaps the easiest part. But, running a successful blog is not. For a blog to  become successful you need to constantly come up with interesting content, unique content which will consistently drive visitors to your blog and give you a loyal audience. I am writing this post keeping this aspect in mind.

I was thinking of coming up with a topic about blogging, I wanted to write a post about what makes a blog a good blog. I know how important it is to know what you need to know before you do it. I know this personally because I have failed at keeping blogs afloat in the past. I am writing this post to share with you what I learned from following these blogs which I have listed here in the Top 5 series. These blogs have not only taught me what I have to do and how to do it, but they have all been instrumental in keeping me inspired.

The Top 5 Blogs in my opinion

1. Quicksprout

Without a doubt, QuickSprout is one of the best things that happened to me. This is a well rounded blog run by an extremely talented, passionate and accessible Neil Patel. I literally learned everything that I had to learn in terms of blogging, content, SEO and digital marketing as a whole from QuickSprout. Hence, it takes the first spot in my top 5 list. Please do go here and you will find an immense amount of resources which will help any level blogger to surpass his current experience in the blogging domain.

2. Copyblogger

CopyBlogger is by far the best source for upgrading your content marketing skills. Everyone knows that Content is King and how critical it is to have fresh, interesting and unique content on your blog to stand out. I have learned many interesting aspects of content marketing from Copyblogger. This is one content marketing blog you do not want to miss if you want to ace up your content skills.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot had to be on the list. Personally, I have felt that Hubspot is the place where you have infinite resources of useful content. Hubspot Blog is a direct access to the many amazing bloggers in the global arena. If you want to learn and become better at doing what you do , you should not skip Hubspot.

4. Content Marketing Institute

CMI, primarily a content marketing training institute has some key resources which can point you in the right direction in terms of attaining digital marketing success. A blog, being a tool for many of us to promote our businesses, understanding digital marketing becomes a necessity. CMI, addresses this necessity nicely by giving us every bit of information with which we can survive in the highly competitive blogging world.

5. Post Planner

Last but not the least, Post Planner gets on my list purely because they are the best resource for learning and understanding the dynamics of social media marketing. I learned this early on, and vouch that social media is certainly essential for a blogs popularity and if you follow Post Planner, you will know exactly how to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn , Instagram etc to your advantage.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this list is purely based on my experience. It can however be different for you. If you do know about other blogs which have helped you in your endeavours do not hesitate to share it with me. Also, take a look at these blogs and let me know if it helped you in any way.

Happy Blogging!


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