How To Promote Your Blog Effectively!


Writing a blog is not the difficult part, promoting it is.

Blogging comes with its set of challenges, it can sometimes get difficult finding what to write about but mostly what is difficult is to find your audience, and promoting it consistently to them. You may be an expert in your chosen field, and you may have loads of topics and subjects to write about but when it comes to finding and reaching your readers, you may be lost. More often than not, most bloggers sometimes really good bloggers fail to succeed only because they did not know how to promote their blog. In this post, I will share with all of you out there some simple yet effective means of promoting your blog and improving your blog readership and visitors.

Here you go!

Begin with Facebook

There is absolutely no better place to start promoting your blog than on Facebook. Make facebook your entry point. With the largest social media reach on the planet, facebook can be the best platform you can ever have to promote your blog and blog posts. With multiple options of creating your own page, groups and joining innumerable relevant groups facebook gives you an opportunity to connect and reach your targeted audience early on. But, do keep in mind to be rational with your posting and abstain from just posting links. Do try and make your posts personalized and with a consistent summary.

Utilize Twitter

An equally important social media network, Twitter is one of the best places to find your audience. For every blogger, Twitter can be a boon provided you leverage it to your advantage with some knowledge. The best way to utilize twitter is by finding and following relevant users who may have an interest in your content. Follow, retweet and like aggressively and build a following to whom you can tweet your links. Twitter is a great place to find and connect with influencers in your domain.

Take advantage of Blog Networks

Many overlook joining blog networks and focus extensively on social media reach. That’s a mistake you should not be doing. Blog networks are the best place to connect with fellow bloggers and help each other with promoting your blogs. Not only are blog networks a great place to meet other bloggers, you can also learn a lot from some of the more experienced bloggers on the network. I personally feel a couple of networks which you all can try out are Triberr and Viral Content Buzz.

Make sure to join

I personally think is one of the best forums out there for sharing top content. Join this forum and share the best content on this platform. Be sure to share content from all sources you find interesting other than just yours to this platform. Comment and upvote and get noticed. I recommend for every blogger who wants to get active.

Build your email list

This one is not very easy and might take some time. But it is a fundamental activity which every blogger should focus on from the time they start. An email list can be that critical factor which defines your overall reach. Once your blog is up and running, try and set up a simple email sign up form so that your readers can subscribe to receive your updates. if you have a facebook page, you can easily create a facebook sign up which will help you collect emails from your facebook page. I will explain how it can be done and how you can leverage it one of my future posts.

Reach out to other bloggers and influencers

I am sure we all draw inspiration from many people in our lives. Sometimes, when we write articles or blog posts we draw our inspirations from other bloggers and social authorities. If so, do mention them in those posts and tag them. Every time you link or mention other bloggers, companies or influencers do let them know. Most often than not, they will further share it and give you access to new relevant readers and visitors.

In conclusion

Please do remember that just writing content and bringing out articles and posts won’t get you an audience. You will have to extensively and consistently promote each one of your blog posts to your audience. Always, promote at places where your audiences hang out. So, next time you publish a post be sure to promote it and use some of these tips which I have written about.

If you have some suggestions to add? Drop me a comment.




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