21 Simple Steps To Increase Your Blog Traffic.


Everyone loves to get massive traffic to their blogs. I mean why do we even have blogs? Because you want to share your experiences with other people. So, what good is all that blog writing if you don’t have any traffic? Simply put the most critical aspect of every blog’s success is directly dependant on how popular it is and popularity depends on how many people actually visit your blog. Agreed, that content is very important in building your reader base, but how will you build a reader base if you don’t get anyone to come to your blog? Right?

How to Increase traffic to my blog? What should I do?ย These questions haunt every blogger. There is so much information online explaining how to build blog traffic thatย you may feel overwhelmed. So, I have decided to bring to you 21 easy yet effective steps to drastically increase your blog traffic. Read and implement!

  1. Titles are your game changers: Catchy headlines are the most effective way of capturing your reader’s attention. So work on your titles, take your time with it. Make then unique and stand out. Look around for inspiration.
  2. Bring out unique content: Your blog needs to be a source of information for your readers. A place where your audience finds solutions to their problems. Your content will make or break your authority as a blogger.
  3. More power to detailed posts: Write detailed posts, make your content deep and rich.
  4. Write frequently: Write as often as possible, the more content you can churn out the better for your blog.
  5. List posts are hot: List blog posts get more traffic than regular posts. Write more of them.
  6. Follow a schedule: Blog consistenly and follow a schedule with your posts, your readersย will know when to expect content from you.
  7. Analyse your content: Understand which type of content performs better and write more of them.
  8. Choose topics from trends: Keep a watch on Twitter and Google Trends, write about the hottest trends here.
  9. Increase visual appeal: Make your blogposts visually appealing, make relevant infographics and images to give your posts the edge.
  10. Leverage social media: Create a facebook page for your blog, Tweet every post you publish on twitter. Share on LinkedIn, Google+ and other similar platforms.
  11. Guest post regularly: Network with fellow bloggers and pitch them. The more you guest post, the more authority you gain. Be reasonable with your pitch though, no need to be aggresive.
  12. Blog directories still work: Find as many blog directories as possible out there and list your blog on all of them.
  13. Involve influencers: Engage with influencers in your domain and get their views and quote them in your posts about specific topics. You can even interview them and post it to your blog.
  14. Focus on SEO best practices: Do not forget to interlink your posts. Use relevant keywords in the content and your titles. Link out to authority sites wherever necessary. Basic SEO techniques are very important.
  15. Start a giveaway: incorporate a free giveaway on sign in or start a competition involving your readers. You could give away a eBook.
  16. Work on your blog design: Make sure you pick a nice layout, a beautiful theme for your blog. Doesn’t matter if it is free or paid, but it needs to be attractive.
  17. Get interactive: Be active on forums like Reddit, Quora and other communities.
  18. Engage with your readers: Always reply to the comments on your posts. Be polite and answer queries. This will help you gain a loyal following.
  19. Do not hesistate to take feedback: You are writing for your audience, so go ahead and ask them what they would want you to write about. Deliver of what they want.
  20. Use link bait techniques: Implement this technique to bring out content which will encourage sharing.
  21. Share your expertise: The last one by far is the most important one, be the person who helps people with their problems. Share your knowledge so that your readers can make things better for themselves.

38 thoughts on “21 Simple Steps To Increase Your Blog Traffic.

  1. I offer up blogging advice on Thursdays (although my niche is more personal development) and ran across your page while conducting a tag search. I like your list and have passed it along to my readers to utilize. Hopefully a few jump over and give you a follow and browse your page. Great content!

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