15 Tips To Write An Awesome Blog Title!


Your blog title is more important than the post/article itself. That is how I see it, would anyone read your post if not for the Title? So, instead of neglecting your title, it is time that you considered coming up with interesting and ideal blog titles.

Titles or headlines are arguably the most important element of the post. An awesome headline or title makes your readers want to read more and see what you have written. So, how do we write fantastic titles for our blog posts? Here are 15 tips to help you write an Awesome title for your next blog post:

  1. Keep it short: Long titles don’t work. It is advisable that you keep your titles below or up to 70 characters. Your titles need to be short and focused. Explaining clearly what the post is about. Eg: ” How to write a blog post effectively”, Short and clear.
  2. Use lists and numbers: Starting a title with a number helps the title stand out. Readers will know what to expect from your post. Use words like Tips, Tricks, Ways etc. Eg: The title of this post: “15 tips to write an awesome blog title“.
  3. Avoid being vague: Your title should define the content of your post, failing which your readers won’t be interested in reading your post. Eg: Vague:How to write a post“, Clear:How to write a blog post effectively
  4. Showcase value: Your title should explain the value it will bring to your audience if they read your post. A clear indication of value will keep your reader engaged and prompt him to read further. Eg title. ” 15 Facebook marketing tips“.
  5. Pay attention to grammar: A well structured sentence will influence a reader to look further. Though search engines do not pay attention to grammar, your reader does. Keep that in mind while writing your titles.
  6. Educate your audience: Many people search for content which will help them learn about a certain subject. Your title should reflect your intention to teach your readers. Eg title:” How to increase blog traffic“.
  7. Controversial titles: We are all attracted to reading controversies because we are all curious by nature. So use that human trait to your advantage by coming up with controversial titles. Eg title: ” Content is king is the biggest lie of this year
  8. Exaggerate and sell: Do not shy away from selling your blog post. You can use words which will help create a sense of urgency with your titles. Eg title. ” Read now to start monetizing your blog!”
  9. Do not forget the keywords: Your blog title should have keywords which define your topic. This will help you with Google search and ranking.
  10. See what others are doing: One good way of coming up with interesting titles is by checking what others are doing with their titles and bettering it.
  11. Asking questions: Write your titles in the form of a question. This will help to bring your readers in. Eg title. ” Think you know affiliate marketing? Let’s find out“.
  12. Test your titles: One good way to land the best title is to test what works. You could use 2 different variations of the same title and test them on twitter or facebook  and stick with the one which performed better.
  13. Brainstorm for options: Never settle down with the first title you can think of, chances are that is not the best one. Create multiple options and see which feels better.
  14. Strive to be unique: It pays to be unique, try and write titles which are not too common. Try something different. Be clear and be unique.
  15. Be audience focused: You are writing the post for your readers. Keep them in mind when you write your titles too. Understand what your audience wants and capture that in your title. This will help you connect better with your readers.

These tips have always worked for me and I hope that if you are not following these tips  already you will try them out now. If you tried other tips and if they have worked for you do let me know in the comments.

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