15 Easy Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Posts!


I am beginning this week on a topic which is important to all the bloggers out there. Content is very important for every blog, and to write content which is unique and amazing is all the more essential. In this post, I will outline some of the most critical points which if implemented consistently will empower you to bring out amazing blog posts regularly.

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  1. Incorporate Storytelling: A story connects with your audience. Tell them a story.
  2. Share your beliefs: Makes your content more relevant and relatable.
  3. Do not write to please: It is impossible to please everyone, write what you believe and have experience in.
  4. Write about stuff which you are passionate about: Share your passion with your audience, Give them content which is important.
  5. Test multiple writing styles: Try different types of writing styles to find the voice which suits you the best.
  6. Go short and Go long: Regularly bring out short and lengthy posts. Give your readers both detailed and specific content.
  7. Understand your audience: Analyse who your readers are, helps you to write for your audience.
  8. Spend time on editing: Impromptu writing is fine, but do edit your posts it will only make them better.
  9. Engage your readers: It is always good to ask questions to your readers. You will have a better understanding of what they want.
  10. Ideate constantly: Think and conceive ideas for future posts consistently. Create mind maps.
  11. Keep writing: Write frequently, you will get better with practice.
  12. Use Analogies: Stay worthy with correlation in your posts.
  13. Find a new angle: Even if you are writing a post about a common subject, make it as unique as possible.
  14. Give importance to your Call-To-Action: Always conclude with a strong message/question or a call-to-action.
  15. Compartmentalize your text: Make your text interesting. Use different fonts, bullets, paragraphs and headings.

Are you using these techniques while writing your blog posts? Or do you use something else to make them interesting? Do let me know in the comments section.

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