How To Write An Amazingly Perfect Blog Post ?


Producing a perfect blog post can be a difficult task. A perfect blog post is subjective, what is perfect to me may not be perfect to you. However, what is important to understand is, that there are certain qualities to a blog post which can influence the outcome. This is common to any form of a blog post.

In this post, which is a continuation to one of my earlier posts about writing amazing blog posts, I will elaborate and outline the key elements of a blog post which will make it perfect. There is no standard rule or formula for writing blog posts, these elements which I mention in this post are more of a checklist which you can refer to while writing your blogs. I hope that this will help you to bring out amazing blog posts which will connect with your readers.

So let’s start with the blog post checklist:


Give special attention to your headline or title. You need to write a compelling headline to grab the attention of your readers. Do not forget that your headline is what your audience will read first. Make it impactful.

You can read How to Write Awesome Blog Titles to learn how to do that.


Studies have shown that if people read the first few lines, they are more likely to read the complete post. So your introduction or opening should be strong. Make sure the introduction is succinct and does not focus on anything else but the opening. You can use an image to further strengthen your Introduction area.

Sub Headings

Use relevant sub-headings after your introduction. The primary role of sub-headings is to engage your audience further into continuing to read your blog post. Keep the sub-headings short and to the point. You have to get the right message across about what follows. Divide your content into as many relevant sub-headings as required.

Main Content

Under each relevant sub-heading, you will have your main content. Now, the purpose of each set of content is to evoke emotions and a response. Ideally, under your first sub-heading write content which prompts an emotional response from your readers. Follow it up with content ( Following Sub-head) which will advise, provide solutions to a particular problem or help your readers get results.

Further reading on writing amazing blog posts: 15 Easy Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Posts!


Position appropriate call-to-actions through the body of the post. Place them at regular intervals in between your main content bodies. It can be either prompting your readers to share your content or directing them to other related resources. At the end of the post, You can create a call-to-action inviting your readers to sign up for your subscriber list.

You Know What To Do Now

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, each blog post is unique and different. But what is important is to follow the general rules of writing amazing blog posts for better results.

Have I missed anything? Do you have something else which makes perfect blog posts? Do let me know in the comments section.

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