11 Websites For Freelance Writing Jobs.


Freelance content writing is a very popular online money making opportunity. Anyone with decent writing skills can explore this option. All you need is good command over the English language and an ability to follow instructions. Freelance writing if done properly can be useful in creating a solid source of income. Many content writers I have known do this full time and are making enough money.

But if you are starting off as a freelance writer, or looking for new places to find freelance writing jobs this list which I have put together can be quite useful for you.

Money Making TIP: 12 Websites That Pay You For Writing And Blogging

Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Craiglist

One of the oldest and best places to find innumerable freelance gigs. Not just for writing but many others too. You can look for writing jobs in your city/country by doing a specific search under the writing/editing jobs. Check out Craiglist.

2. Freelancer.com

Also a very popular freelance jobs portal. You can find different kinds of freelance jobs here along with freelance writing opportunities. This is a great place to work securely. Look for freelance opportunities on Freelancer.

3. Upwork

Again, a popular freelancer portal with many freelance opportunities. I have used Upwork regularly in the past, both as a freelancer and an employer. Great place to find freelance writing jobs. Check out Upwork.

4. Freelance.com

A relatively old Freelance marketplace, is gaining some momentum lately. I have not used it extensively yet. But they have regular writing projects for freelance writers. Look for writing jobs on Freelance.com.

5. Constant Content

This is a content marketplace, with a unique public request system where you can source new clients all by yourself. Great place to find continious writing gigs. Join Constant Content.

6. Crowd Content

Once again an extremely popular content marketplace, specifically focusing on content writing in all formats. They are growing at an alarming rate, so this is the right time to explore them. Check out Crowd Content.

7. Freelance Writing Jobs

Another great place for writers to find writing jobs. You can join to find freelance writing opportunities from all over the world. It is really easy to use. Get writing jobs at Freelance Writing jobs.

8. Demand Studios

Have you come across eHow? Well they source all their writers from Demand Studios and This is really an awesome place for find freelance writing offers. Join the Demand Studios network.

9. LinkedIn Jobs

If you have not realised, LinkedIn is a great place to find freelance work too. Just go to LinkedIn Jobs and look for Freelance writing opportunities. That simple! You will need to have a LinkedIn account first.

10. Blogging Pro Jobs

You can find a considerable amount of freelance copywriting jobs on this website. I have worked on a couple of projects from here and It worked out well for me. Check Blogging Pro now.

11. ProBlogger Jobs

Yea, if you didn’t know already, the popular problogger blog has a dedicated section to find freelance writing opportunities. Now that is cool isn’t it? Check out the ProBlogger Job board.

Now that you have tried and tested sources to find freelance writing gigs, why don’t go right ahead and explore them and start writing?

Do let me know if you have anymore websites where freelance writing offers are available. I will be more than happy to add to this list.

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