Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Platforms To Start Work With.

Most bloggers I have met or I am acquainted with are in the blogging space to make money. Either, it is their primary source of income or just something that they do to earn some bucks on the side. I personally feel that blogging certainly is a good place to start with to foray into the online business domain. However, to be successful and to create a solid line of revenue with blogging, you will need perseverance,patience and planning.

But, this post is not going to talk about blogging or how to blog or any such stuff, I will certainly cover that in one of my forthcoming posts. In this post, I will only list the top 5 affiliate marketing platforms which you can start working with, if you have substantial visitors to your blog or if you do have a moderate email list. I have put together this list, with inputs from many of my blogger and digital marketer friends who have used these platforms and have been successful with it.

So, here’s the top 5 affiliate marketing platforms just for you.

1. CJ Affliate 

 CJ Affiliate formerly just known as Commission Junction, is by far the oldest affiliate marketing platform out there. It is the most preferred platform of many seasoned and reputed marketers. This is a great place to find some of the most reputed affiliate opportunities and to get some of the best deals to begin your affiliate marketing journey with. The platform itself is wonderful to use with its seamless design and easy interface makes it a hit with both publishers and advertisers.

2. ShareASale

 ShareASale is one of the most loved affiliate networks. One of the key factors which makes ShareASale unique is the fact that out of the over 4000 affiliate programs which are on the network, many of them are exclusive to ShareASale. Just like CJ they too have a great interface and their user experience is fantastic. For any newcomer, this is a good place to start affiliate marketing.

3. Rakuten Affiliate Network

 Rakuten Affiliate was formerly known as LinkShare and this platform is fast becoming one of the most prominent affiliate marketing platforms online. Despite many surveys claiming Rakuten is the No. 1 affiliate marketing platform, what I have realised is that with lesser number offers than CJ this can’t be really true. However, there are many leading brands listed on this network too making it an ideal place to start your affiliate marketing journey.

4. eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network

 eBay Affiliate Network comes in at No.4. They have 1500 advertisers and 200,000 publishers on the system. It was formerly known was the Pepperjam Network. They do have a good list of trusted brands working with them, making it a safe bet for any affiliate marketer to try them.

5. Amazon Affiliate Program

 Many top affiliate lists of the past are divided on having the Amazon affiliate Program on the top 5. But, I do beg to differ. I think, Amazon is definitely the entry point for many first timers in the affiliate marketing space. It is an extremely easy platform to use and with many products to choose from it has offers for all types of marketers.

Although, there are many different versions of the top five affiliate networks I feel this list kind of sums it up as it has been put together based on my past experience with some of these platforms and also with inputs from many current users.

Hope all those new digital marketers and affiliate marketers find this information useful. And all those experienced ones, if you think I have missed any important ones then do let me know. Feel free to share your experiences with me here.