How To Write An Amazingly Perfect Blog Post ?


Producing a perfect blog post can be a difficult task. A perfect blog post is subjective, what is perfect to me may not be perfect to you. However, what is important to understand is, that there are certain qualities to a blog post which can influence the outcome. This is common to any form of a blog post.

In this post, which is a continuation to one of my earlier posts about writing amazing blog posts, I will elaborate and outline the key elements of a blog post which will make it perfect. There is no standard rule or formula for writing blog posts, these elements which I mention in this post are more of a checklist which you can refer to while writing your blogs. I hope that this will help you to bring out amazing blog posts which will connect with your readers.

So let’s start with the blog post checklist:


Give special attention to your headline or title. You need to write a compelling headline to grab the attention of your readers. Do not forget that your headline is what your audience will read first. Make it impactful.

You can read How to Write Awesome Blog Titles to learn how to do that.


Studies have shown that if people read the first few lines, they are more likely to read the complete post. So your introduction or opening should be strong. Make sure the introduction is succinct and does not focus on anything else but the opening. You can use an image to further strengthen your Introduction area.

Sub Headings

Use relevant sub-headings after your introduction. The primary role of sub-headings is to engage your audience further into continuing to read your blog post. Keep the sub-headings short and to the point. You have to get the right message across about what follows. Divide your content into as many relevant sub-headings as required.

Main Content

Under each relevant sub-heading, you will have your main content. Now, the purpose of each set of content is to evoke emotions and a response. Ideally, under your first sub-heading write content which prompts an emotional response from your readers. Follow it up with content ( Following Sub-head) which will advise, provide solutions to a particular problem or help your readers get results.

Further reading on writing amazing blog posts: 15 Easy Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Posts!


Position appropriate call-to-actions through the body of the post. Place them at regular intervals in between your main content bodies. It can be either prompting your readers to share your content or directing them to other related resources. At the end of the post, You can create a call-to-action inviting your readers to sign up for your subscriber list.

You Know What To Do Now

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, each blog post is unique and different. But what is important is to follow the general rules of writing amazing blog posts for better results.

Have I missed anything? Do you have something else which makes perfect blog posts? Do let me know in the comments section.

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10 SEO Tips For Bloggers.


A lot of people who read my blogs here and other places have asked me questions about SEO. Although, I am not a SEO expert, over the years I have picked up a few things which are the essential elements of SEO for blogs. I will make an effort to summarize all these essentials in this post so that anyone who is a beginner or having difficulties with SEO can use this as a reference. For free blogging tips and tricks sign up to my subscriber list.

  1. Content is KING: I have written a post about How Content is King might just be a myth, but in relevance to Search engine optimization Content certainly is important. Quality content and regular updates are one of the main factors to get favorably indexed on Google and other search engines.
  2. Get your own domain and Hosting: I personally advice getting a domain name and hosting to improve on your blogs credibility and trustworthiness. Google specifically is progammed to identify owned domains and self hosting as parameters for trustworthy sites. Yes, I will be changing over to my own domain and hosting for this blog too, soon. I recommend bluehost for hosting and domain services.
  3. Buid relevant backlinks genuinely: Never do the mistake of buying backlinks. One of the best ways to build back links is to guest post. Your backlinks should be originating from authority sites, otherwise it is useless in terms of search engine advantages. Keep your anchor text simple and use targeted keywords. Keep in mind, backlinks to your own content is important too!
  4. Titles are your game changers: Give special attention to your blog post titles. A lot depends on how you write them. Search engines, especially Google is very particular about titles. Keep them between 50 to 70 characters. Include target keywords wisely and position them in the beginning of the title.
  5. Use a SEO optimized theme: Make sure your theme is adequately SEO optimized. It should be coded well, loads easily and is fast. An optimized theme makes it easier for Google to find your content and index it. No broken links should exist which will hamper smooth navigation.
  6. Keywords in your post: Use keywords in your post content. Make sure you use relevant keywords for your images also. Keywords should be positioned naturally in your content. Keywords can be used in your Headings and sub headings also.
  7. Place a sitemap: Installing a sitemap makes it easier for Google and other search engines to index your blog posts, archives and pages better. Use this sitemap generator for best results.
  8. Diligently comment on other  blogs: Commenting on other niche blogs in your domain can help your SEO strategy. It helps you in increasing your traffic as well as building backlinks.
  9. Improve your social media presence: Use your social media profiles to increase traffic and appreciate your SEO efforts. Google measures your site authority and credibility based on social media shares and prominence your content is getting on these channels.
  10. Use SEO plugins: Install wordpress SEO plugins to get help with your SEO strategy. SEO plugins automatically optimizes your blog for Google.

Have I covered everything? Do you think I missed any tips? Do leave me a comment if you have anything to add to this list.

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15 Easy Tips For Writing Amazing Blog Posts!


I am beginning this week on a topic which is important to all the bloggers out there. Content is very important for every blog, and to write content which is unique and amazing is all the more essential. In this post, I will outline some of the most critical points which if implemented consistently will empower you to bring out amazing blog posts regularly.

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  1. Incorporate Storytelling: A story connects with your audience. Tell them a story.
  2. Share your beliefs: Makes your content more relevant and relatable.
  3. Do not write to please: It is impossible to please everyone, write what you believe and have experience in.
  4. Write about stuff which you are passionate about: Share your passion with your audience, Give them content which is important.
  5. Test multiple writing styles: Try different types of writing styles to find the voice which suits you the best.
  6. Go short and Go long: Regularly bring out short and lengthy posts. Give your readers both detailed and specific content.
  7. Understand your audience: Analyse who your readers are, helps you to write for your audience.
  8. Spend time on editing: Impromptu writing is fine, but do edit your posts it will only make them better.
  9. Engage your readers: It is always good to ask questions to your readers. You will have a better understanding of what they want.
  10. Ideate constantly: Think and conceive ideas for future posts consistently. Create mind maps.
  11. Keep writing: Write frequently, you will get better with practice.
  12. Use Analogies: Stay worthy with correlation in your posts.
  13. Find a new angle: Even if you are writing a post about a common subject, make it as unique as possible.
  14. Give importance to your Call-To-Action: Always conclude with a strong message/question or a call-to-action.
  15. Compartmentalize your text: Make your text interesting. Use different fonts, bullets, paragraphs and headings.

Are you using these techniques while writing your blog posts? Or do you use something else to make them interesting? Do let me know in the comments section.

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Top 10 Blog Posts Which Are Impactful!


Blogging is a continuous learning process; we learn from our endeavours and we learn from experiences shared by others. Over the past few months, I have consistently improved my blogging skills from experiences shared by others and content which are impactful. Here is a list of top 10 blog posts and articles which have influenced my learning and helped me define a direction for myself.

  1. “15 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started My First Blog”Neil Patel
  2. “Your Matter”Seth Godin
  3. “The One Thing Gurus Always Get Wrong About Blogging”Gary Vaynerchuk
  4. “Blogging for Dollars – It’s Not Just a Hobby”John Chow
  5. “The Art of Being Interesting”Jonathan Morrow
  6. “Will Your Blog Ever Be Profitable Enough to Support Your Family?”Ramsay Taplin
  7. “Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die – Whiteboard Friday”Rand Fishkin
  8. “Are You Creating Meaningful Content?”Brian Clark
  9. “You Won’t Believe These 10 Millionaire Facts”Timothy Sykes
  10. “The True Story Of My Overnight Success”Michael Dunlop

If you have any blog posts that has made an impact on you, please do share with me here. Great blog posts are a great source of inspiration.

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12 Blogging Tools To Help You Write Better & Reach More Readers!


Every blogger wants to create stunning content, organize and come up with strategic blog posts, and reach out to as many readers as possible. But, the question remains how can one do it? What’s the best possible way to successfully do all these things? In this post, I will share with you a list of tools and resources which I personally use to run this blog and other sites. I have categorized these tools in segments which will focus on areas which are key to your blogging success. Do let me know in the comments section, If I have missed any of your favorite blogging tools.

Best Tools To Help With Content Ideas:

1.Quora: This is an absolute gem of a site, where I regularly go to understand the challenges and problems real people have. Quora is a platform where questions are asked and answers are given by real people. So for coming up with blogging ideas you can go here.

2.BuzzSumo: I frequently use BuzzSumo to keep track of the most shared content and what key influencers are talking about. This tool is essential to understand content trends across the globe, which in turn will inspire blogging ideas. Free functions are limited.

Best Tools For Organizing Content:

3.Evernote: I use Evernote basic which is absolutely free and gives me an opportunity to organize my work in one single place. Use this tool to take notes, track tasks, and save things you find online. You can even sync everything between your phone and computer automatically.

4.Google Calendar: I recently started using Google Calendar, because I found out it can be used as an amazing editorial calendar. It helps me immensely in assigning posts across different platforms.

Awesome Tools Which Can Be Used For Optimizing Your Content:

5.Google Trends: Whenever I have a blog post idead, I run the topic through google trends. This gives me an understanding of search volumes, keyword possibilities etc.

6.Adwords Keyword Planner: Extremely important tool to understand the dynamics of any and every keyword that is related to your topic and content. I use it often if I am really targeting a specific keyword group.

Great Tools To Make Your Writing Better:

7.Hemingway: A wonderful free tool to check sentence density and text readbility. This tool has helped me greatly in checking for text comprehension when I write detailed posts.

8.Grammarly: Once again an amazing tool to take care of all the grammar and punctuation anamolies of your content. I use this app on my browser, hence I get immediate prompts if I am messing up while writing.

Killer Tools To Produce Wonderful Visual Content:

9.Picmonkey: This is my personal favorite when it comes to creating beautiful images for my blog post. Just pick back grounds, edit and add text or create beautiful pictures from the scratch. Most of the functions are free to use.

10.Canva: Great design software online for all your graphic needs, I am trying to use this but I find it a little advanced for my skill levels. But nevertheless has some great features. You can create infographics, flyers, Facebook covers etc.

Top Tools For Content Distribution:

11.Buffer: This takes care of most of my sharing activities. A great tool to help distribute and schedule your posts across multiple social networks. A must have to share content.

12.Mailchimp: I have not used this email list management and distribution tool for this blog yet, but I have used it for some of my other online entities. Great interface and you can send 12000 emails in a month to 2000 subscribers on your list free of cost. If you have some spare cash to spend I suggest using AWeber or GetResponse for your email list management and campaigns.

Your tools?

Do let me know what tools you are currently using and if you have used any of the tools I have listed here, if yes how was your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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15 Tips To Write An Awesome Blog Title!


Your blog title is more important than the post/article itself. That is how I see it, would anyone read your post if not for the Title? So, instead of neglecting your title, it is time that you considered coming up with interesting and ideal blog titles.

Titles or headlines are arguably the most important element of the post. An awesome headline or title makes your readers want to read more and see what you have written. So, how do we write fantastic titles for our blog posts? Here are 15 tips to help you write an Awesome title for your next blog post:

  1. Keep it short: Long titles don’t work. It is advisable that you keep your titles below or up to 70 characters. Your titles need to be short and focused. Explaining clearly what the post is about. Eg: ” How to write a blog post effectively”, Short and clear.
  2. Use lists and numbers: Starting a title with a number helps the title stand out. Readers will know what to expect from your post. Use words like Tips, Tricks, Ways etc. Eg: The title of this post: “15 tips to write an awesome blog title“.
  3. Avoid being vague: Your title should define the content of your post, failing which your readers won’t be interested in reading your post. Eg: Vague:How to write a post“, Clear:How to write a blog post effectively
  4. Showcase value: Your title should explain the value it will bring to your audience if they read your post. A clear indication of value will keep your reader engaged and prompt him to read further. Eg title. ” 15 Facebook marketing tips“.
  5. Pay attention to grammar: A well structured sentence will influence a reader to look further. Though search engines do not pay attention to grammar, your reader does. Keep that in mind while writing your titles.
  6. Educate your audience: Many people search for content which will help them learn about a certain subject. Your title should reflect your intention to teach your readers. Eg title:” How to increase blog traffic“.
  7. Controversial titles: We are all attracted to reading controversies because we are all curious by nature. So use that human trait to your advantage by coming up with controversial titles. Eg title: ” Content is king is the biggest lie of this year
  8. Exaggerate and sell: Do not shy away from selling your blog post. You can use words which will help create a sense of urgency with your titles. Eg title. ” Read now to start monetizing your blog!”
  9. Do not forget the keywords: Your blog title should have keywords which define your topic. This will help you with Google search and ranking.
  10. See what others are doing: One good way of coming up with interesting titles is by checking what others are doing with their titles and bettering it.
  11. Asking questions: Write your titles in the form of a question. This will help to bring your readers in. Eg title. ” Think you know affiliate marketing? Let’s find out“.
  12. Test your titles: One good way to land the best title is to test what works. You could use 2 different variations of the same title and test them on twitter or facebook  and stick with the one which performed better.
  13. Brainstorm for options: Never settle down with the first title you can think of, chances are that is not the best one. Create multiple options and see which feels better.
  14. Strive to be unique: It pays to be unique, try and write titles which are not too common. Try something different. Be clear and be unique.
  15. Be audience focused: You are writing the post for your readers. Keep them in mind when you write your titles too. Understand what your audience wants and capture that in your title. This will help you connect better with your readers.

These tips have always worked for me and I hope that if you are not following these tips  already you will try them out now. If you tried other tips and if they have worked for you do let me know in the comments.

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Top 9 Free E-Books For Bloggers!


So, I thought it would nice to put together a list of free e-books which every blogger can use. I have personally gained a lot of knowledge with these books and I want to share them with you. These e-books will help you become a better blogger and become successful with your blogs.

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Top 9 Free E-Books for Bloggers!

  1. How To Start A Blog: This is a wonderful ebook which is both suitable for beginners and advanced blogger. Download E-Book
  2. Guest Blogging EBook: I learned a lot of tips from this ebook, it is a wonderful collection of advice on the intricacies of guest blogging and how it needs to be done the right way. Download E-Book
  3. Who’s There: Written by Seth Godin, this is my personal favorite. Although it is not about making your blog successful or selling products, it beautifully summarizes the influence of blogging in your life, career and lifestyle. It is a must read! Download E-Book
  4. The Blogger’s Workbook: As the name suggests, this is a concise book which focuses on a blogger’s blogging lifecycle. It is very helpful to organize yourself and move forward. Download E-Book
  5. Design It Yourself: An absolute must have, I am reading this book right now and I am learning some amazing things. A perfect ebook to have to learn how to create visual content for your blog. Download E-Book
  6. Pocket Guide To SEO: Most of my SEO knowledge has come from this book. This is a great little book to learn about: proper keywords, descriptions, headlines etc. Download E-Book
  7. How To Make Money Blogging: A perfect guide for anyone who wants to make money blogging and learn how to monetize your blog. Download E-Book
  8. 365 Writing Prompts: Awesome collection of daily inspiration for writers. Download E-Book
  9. How To Create Your First EBook: Really an awesome book for anyone who is planning to create their ebook. I am inspired to bring out an ebook after I read this one. Download E-Book

Hope these free ebooks will help you in being successful bloggers. Do share your views with me after you read them.

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