12 Easy Tips To Reach 1000 Email Subscribers Fast!


The money is in the list. Many successful bloggers have said it and I completely agree with them. The bigger and responsive your email list is, the more money you will make blogging or affiliate marketing. So, if you are a blogger and if you want to monetize your blogging efforts you should start building an email list immediately! In this post, I will share with you tips and techniques which will help you get more email subscribers. These are pointers which I have started to apply and I am seeing some amazing results already.


  1. Make your sign-up forms dominant: Place opt-in forms all across your layout. Use your top fold effectively, your side bars and place opt-ins at the end of your post. Make it impossible to miss for your readers.
  2. Make use of Pop ups and popovers: Okay, so many people think pop ups are irritating, But it doesn’t matter. Using one pop up per session will give you amazing results. Why do you think some authority sites have it?
  3. Free stuff works: Free ebooks and other free give aways work like a charm. A little bribe doesn’t harm but can only increase your opt-ins. So make sure to offer something to your readers in return for their email address.
  4. Contests are fun: Create contests, be it trivia, tell a friend, asking for a vote all these things can be used to engage your readers to participate by registering with their emails. I am going to be using it soon here on Blogger Hacks once I move to own hosting.
  5. Create free tools or resources: I know this is not going to be possible for everyone, But over a period of time you could think of coming up with tools which your readers can use upon signing up with their email address.
  6. Promote your offers on social media: You can create special offers for your Twitter followers or facebook fans and position lead generating options into them. You can add a call to action in the form of a sign up to your facebook page.
  7. Guest blog consistently: I would say, it would be great if you could write on other blogs than your own. No, really if people need to know that you exist then you need to write on other blogs and get readers to come to your blog. This will help you build your reader base. You can slow down once you have a substantial reader base of your own.
  8. Display social proof statements: Yes, it works. Show your subscriber count, your follow count, facebook likes and twitter followers. The numbers create a sense of worth for new readers or visitors and will encourage them to sign up.
  9. Create multiple subscription types: All your readers might not be interested in the same things. So create opt-ins based on your audience personas. Some may want to sign up for regular updates, but some of your readers may want to get email about only how to make money.
  10. Leverage your home page header: Making the top half of your blog or website an opt-in form is sure to increase your subscribers. Go ahead and give it a shot on your blog.
  11. Optimize for mobile users: Keep your theme and opt-in pop ups mobile ready. If your readers are mobile users and if your opt-in boxes don’t work properly across different mobile systems then you may lose readers.
  12. Use your comments to build a list: One of the options which I read about and I want to implement too is creating a Thank you page after a reader comments. The thank you page can have an opt-in option along with relevant information.

In conclusion, Let me emphasize, Email still remains the top marketing tool you can use to scale your reader base. So, hopefully anyone who is having trouble in building an email list will know what to do now. If you have used techniques which are different than what I have listed here, Do let me know about them in the comments section.