7 Expert Tips To Make Money Blogging


Blogging can make you rich but it takes patience, dedication and focus to get there. Many times in our quest to get rich we fall prey to get rich quick scams. Here in this post, I have listed 10 Top posts from experts on how to make money with blogging. Of course, the information that I have shared here is not a collection of magical formulas to make you rich immediately, but if you follow them and implement the suggestions given by the experts I am sure you will be on your way to making money by just blogging, just like I do.

Top 7 Expert Tips To Make Money Blogging

Learn How To Make Money Blogging

  1. Recommended Online Money Makers -John Chow
  2. Services Bloggers Can Offer To Make Money Online – Neil Patel
  3. Collection of Tips On How To Make Money Blogging – Darren Rowse
  4. How To Make Money Blogging Not Just For Stay At Home Moms- Ramsay Taplin
  5. How To Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing- John Chow
  6. Social Media Sites That Will Make You Money- Andrew Wang
  7. How Do I Make Money Blogging? – Harsh Agarwal

Now that I have listed some of the best advice one can get to start making money blogging, you should start implementing whatever you learn from them into your blogging activity. Go ahead and make money just blogging and do let me know it works for you!

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12 Easy Tips To Reach 1000 Email Subscribers Fast!


The money is in the list. Many successful bloggers have said it and I completely agree with them. The bigger and responsive your email list is, the more money you will make blogging or affiliate marketing. So, if you are a blogger and if you want to monetize your blogging efforts you should start building an email list immediately! In this post, I will share with you tips and techniques which will help you get more email subscribers. These are pointers which I have started to apply and I am seeing some amazing results already.


  1. Make your sign-up forms dominant: Place opt-in forms all across your layout. Use your top fold effectively, your side bars and place opt-ins at the end of your post. Make it impossible to miss for your readers.
  2. Make use of Pop ups and popovers: Okay, so many people think pop ups are irritating, But it doesn’t matter. Using one pop up per session will give you amazing results. Why do you think some authority sites have it?
  3. Free stuff works: Free ebooks and other free give aways work like a charm. A little bribe doesn’t harm but can only increase your opt-ins. So make sure to offer something to your readers in return for their email address.
  4. Contests are fun: Create contests, be it trivia, tell a friend, asking for a vote all these things can be used to engage your readers to participate by registering with their emails. I am going to be using it soon here on Blogger Hacks once I move to own hosting.
  5. Create free tools or resources: I know this is not going to be possible for everyone, But over a period of time you could think of coming up with tools which your readers can use upon signing up with their email address.
  6. Promote your offers on social media: You can create special offers for your Twitter followers or facebook fans and position lead generating options into them. You can add a call to action in the form of a sign up to your facebook page.
  7. Guest blog consistently: I would say, it would be great if you could write on other blogs than your own. No, really if people need to know that you exist then you need to write on other blogs and get readers to come to your blog. This will help you build your reader base. You can slow down once you have a substantial reader base of your own.
  8. Display social proof statements: Yes, it works. Show your subscriber count, your follow count, facebook likes and twitter followers. The numbers create a sense of worth for new readers or visitors and will encourage them to sign up.
  9. Create multiple subscription types: All your readers might not be interested in the same things. So create opt-ins based on your audience personas. Some may want to sign up for regular updates, but some of your readers may want to get email about only how to make money.
  10. Leverage your home page header: Making the top half of your blog or website an opt-in form is sure to increase your subscribers. Go ahead and give it a shot on your blog.
  11. Optimize for mobile users: Keep your theme and opt-in pop ups mobile ready. If your readers are mobile users and if your opt-in boxes don’t work properly across different mobile systems then you may lose readers.
  12. Use your comments to build a list: One of the options which I read about and I want to implement too is creating a Thank you page after a reader comments. The thank you page can have an opt-in option along with relevant information.

In conclusion, Let me emphasize, Email still remains the top marketing tool you can use to scale your reader base. So, hopefully anyone who is having trouble in building an email list will know what to do now. If you have used techniques which are different than what I have listed here, Do let me know about them in the comments section.

Top 9 Free E-Books For Bloggers!


So, I thought it would nice to put together a list of free e-books which every blogger can use. I have personally gained a lot of knowledge with these books and I want to share them with you. These e-books will help you become a better blogger and become successful with your blogs.

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Top 9 Free E-Books for Bloggers!

  1. How To Start A Blog: This is a wonderful ebook which is both suitable for beginners and advanced blogger. Download E-Book
  2. Guest Blogging EBook: I learned a lot of tips from this ebook, it is a wonderful collection of advice on the intricacies of guest blogging and how it needs to be done the right way. Download E-Book
  3. Who’s There: Written by Seth Godin, this is my personal favorite. Although it is not about making your blog successful or selling products, it beautifully summarizes the influence of blogging in your life, career and lifestyle. It is a must read! Download E-Book
  4. The Blogger’s Workbook: As the name suggests, this is a concise book which focuses on a blogger’s blogging lifecycle. It is very helpful to organize yourself and move forward. Download E-Book
  5. Design It Yourself: An absolute must have, I am reading this book right now and I am learning some amazing things. A perfect ebook to have to learn how to create visual content for your blog. Download E-Book
  6. Pocket Guide To SEO: Most of my SEO knowledge has come from this book. This is a great little book to learn about: proper keywords, descriptions, headlines etc. Download E-Book
  7. How To Make Money Blogging: A perfect guide for anyone who wants to make money blogging and learn how to monetize your blog. Download E-Book
  8. 365 Writing Prompts: Awesome collection of daily inspiration for writers. Download E-Book
  9. How To Create Your First EBook: Really an awesome book for anyone who is planning to create their ebook. I am inspired to bring out an ebook after I read this one. Download E-Book

Hope these free ebooks will help you in being successful bloggers. Do share your views with me after you read them.

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12 Websites That Pay You For Writing & Blogging


Since the time I have started blogging, which is not too long ago I have been researching and digging to find out how to ideally, monetize my writing and blogging endeavor. I have read some fabulous success stories of bloggers and writers who have made blogging their primary source of income. Although personally I have not achieved such successes yet, I have understood the potential it holds.

In this post, I will share my research with you, which helped me to put together the 12 best websites which pay people like you and me to write and blog on their platforms. This list is my personal opinion of the best that is out there and may vary from some other lists which are available online. If you do love to write and blog and would love to get paid, I am sure you will love this list. I have tried to put together a list which covers a broad spectrum of niches so that it can help any type of writer blogger out there.

1. ListVerse: By far one of the best platforms I found for writers and bloggers alike to get paid. This amazing platform is very simple to use. All you have to do is write a list which is a minimum of 1500 words or 10 items. The ListVerse team reviews it and, if they find it interesting they will pay you $100 via PayPal and publish the article.


2. SitePoint: If you are a technical writer or a tech blogger, this is the place for you. More so, if your expertise lies in the HTML, CSS and SASS domain. SitePoint pays $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials. They have a top payout of $300 if your content is detailed and has the potential to drive traffic to their website.


3. TakeLessons: Takelessons is an education service provider, with a vast database of teachers for both local and online teaching. This website gives an opportunity for education relevant bloggers and writers to write for their blog. They pay a cool $50 for an article which is between 500-800 words.


4. Money Crashers: They are a popular personal finance website, which is looking for writers with expertise in the area of finance. The common topics they cover are investing, money management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax preparation, credit and debt, real estate, mortgages, frugal living, and lifestyle. Their requirements might range between 4- 8 articles per month (1000 words each). The payouts are based on expertise and experience and they have incentive programs too.


5. Cracked: A superb website which is a very popular comedy site.For a blogger or writer with a sense of humor who can write lifestyle articles, this is the place to write and make money on. They have different content requirements and their payments are all based on the quality of submissions. But, for a light-hearted blogger, this is a fine place to make some quick bucks.


6. Income Diary: Now, this website is my personal favorite because this website is about making money online and other blogging related content. So, anyone who writes about blogging, making money online, anything that is in between will find this website a great place to write and make money on. Their payouts are quality based, so it varies from submission to submission.


7. Today I Found Out: This is an awesome place for general knowledge, trivia, and interesting articles. They accept articles basically in these areas. You have to send them original content and if they approve your content they will send a payout. I haven’t tried writing for them yet so I am unaware of how much they are paying. They take time to respond as they receive an humongous amount of submissions. So get ready to wait if you pitch them your articles.


8. eCommerce Insiders: A website which is an exclusive eCommerce content driven platform meant for ecommerce subject matter experts. Payouts are structured: 75 for every article from 400-600 words, $125 for every article >600 words, $150 for every article 600+ words


9. A Fine Parent: As the name denotes this is an online parenting community and they are looking for writers and bloggers who can impart their parenting wisdom. I am sure many of us bloggers are parents too, so this is a cool site to share your experiences on and make money at the same time. They pay $100 per article.


10. WhatCulture: If you like to write about entertainment, be it the movies, music, TV, gaming etc. this could be the place for you. Every article published will make £0.40 per 1000 views, so if your content is unique you could be earning quite a bit.


11. International Living: I couldn’t help but include this website. I know there are many travel bloggers out there and this is cool travel based website. Articles need to be in the 500-600 word range. Payouts based on quality.


12. The Diplomat: Finally, the 12th website to make the list is a news portal, which brings out blog posts and articles about Asia. The minimum requirement for blog posts is 400-800 words and articles start at 1000 words. Payments are defined case to case basis upon the editor’s approval.


So do you think this is a cool and comprehensive list? Or have I missed out any websites which are known to pay writers and bloggers? If yes, do not hesitate to drop me a line in the comment section, I will include them in an updated post!

Also, for more ideas about making money check: Make Money From Your Blog!

9 Simple Steps To Make Money From Your Blog


One of the first things which crossed my mind when I started blogging was, How could I make money from it. Although, that is not my focus anymore, I think everyone who blogs at some point of time thinks about it and there are many bloggers who simply blog because they want to make money from it.

A successful blog is certainly a fantastic tool to create an income stream, and sometimes a good blog is all you need to improve your business. If you do want to know how to make your blog successful you could read “How To Promote Your Blog Effectively!”. However, the reason for this post is to share with you all the simple 9 step formula to get on the fast track to making money with your blog.

So without any further ado, read through for the 9 simple steps to make money from your blog:

Step 1. Your blog is a tool to attract your customers or clients

Utilize your blog to promote your expertise. Your blog is your platform to connect with your audience and convert leads and generate an income. Share your expertise, knowledge and experience via your blog to reach your prospective clients or customers. Your blog in itself is just a free give away, use it rightly.

Step 2. Stay away from selling advertising on your Blog

Selling ad space on a blog sounds like a good idea to make some income, it sure is. But, you will make more money if you use that space to sell your own services or products or even promote your affiliate programs. You could always display affiliate programs which give out hefty commissions and make a lot more money than just showings ads. If you want help in finding the best affiliate programs around, look this up “Top Affiliate Marketing Networks”.

Step 3. Reverse your sales funnel

A cheap product is just that, a cheap one. Most bloggers tend to launch cheap products in the beginning and then complain about how they are not making any money. The best one can do is to build a sales funnel in reverse. Instead of expecting a sale, in the end, build a funnel to create a sale in the beginning. Create and sell your most valuable products right at the start. You will see a difference in no time.

Step 4. A cheap market is a MYTH!

A valuable product costs more, and pricing your products or services in the premium bracket works best to monetize. Even, if you have a small subscriber base, selling just a few premium products will help you make more money than a combined sale of cheap products.

Step 5. Charge premium prices for your services

Do not undersell yourself by feeling guilty about charging premium prices for your products or services. By charging premium prices, you are assuring your customers of premium service. Your customers are paying for results and with a premium offering, you can do everything possible to get your customers what they desire.

Step 6. Do not waste time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Yes, you read it right. Though I do regularly post to all these social media platforms, what I have realized is that social media generated visitors per hour is by far the lowest. Focus on building your subscriber base instead of wasting time on social media forever. However, social media can also be leveraged to help you monetize, but at a later stage.

Step 7. Focus on building your email list

The size of your email list is directly proportionate to the amount of money you can make. That is how simple it is if you are starting up target making a dollar from every subscriber you have and slowly build on that. So, it all trickles down to how many subscribers you have because the more subscribers means more money for you. Focus on building an email list from the beginning and distributing relevant and valuable content to them. I will be writing a “How to build your email list” post pretty soon, so check back.

Step 8. Don’t wait to sell

Many of us postpone selling and wait to build an email list or followers first. Don’t make that mistake, if you want to scale your reach you will need money, so start selling from day one. Do not make your blog look like a sales presentation, but do make your services or products available from day one. Make sure you know your audience and offer them what they want.

Step 9. Share your expertise

Probably the most important Step for your success in making money with your blog is to share what you learn with others. Not only will it gain your a loyal following, but it will also build credibility for you and what you have to offer. Also, by sharing your experiences, you will inspire your fellow bloggers to make money and become successful.


These are some of the steps which I am currently practicing and have seen lots of bloggers get successful with. I do believe this is not a definitive formula, but a simple and easily implementable one. So, I will encourage all of you bloggers to use them and let me know if it worked for you.