15 Free Facebook Marketing Tips For Bloggers


Okay, So we all agree that Facebook is the largest social network in the world right now. Like me, there are many people who use facebook both for staying connected with family and friends and also to promote their blogs, websites and content. I personally believe facebook is one the best networks to promote our blogs. Let us look at some statistics which will support my beliefs.


  1. How many people use Facebook globally? 1.55 billion monthly users and growing
  2. Daily number of Facebook users? 1.01 billion active users ( Imagine the exposure you can get)
  3. Percentage of Facebook users who access Facebook daily: 65% ( This is insane!)
  4. Average time spent on facebook by active users: 20 minutes 

So anyone who disagrees with me on facebook being a great place to promote our blogs may have to eat humble pie. You can take a look at some more Facebook Statistics if you aren’t convinced. Hence, facebook appears at the top of my list for marketing my blog and here are 15 tips which will also help you to leverage Facebook for marketing your blogs.

  1. Be Real: Facebook is a place for real people, be the real you and connect with your audience on an emotional level. Use real names, have a completed bio and use simple language.
  2. Get proactive: Once you are on facebook and have your page or group ready, reach out to your target audience. You can’t expect them to come to you. Connect with influencers and build relationships which will help you in your promotions.
  3. Like and comment on other pages: If you want an audience for your posts and your blog, go ahead and like other pages. Comment and communicate with them and add value. This will bring your blog or website into notice and help you build your network.
  4. Inspire and motivate: Share motivational and inspirational messages and images on your page, profile, and groups. Research has shown that they get the most likes and helps build a bond with your fans and followers.
  5. Humor can never go wrong: Share humorous anecdotes, memes, images, and videos. An occasional post or meme of cats and dogs will lighten the mood. Humor is the biggest seller on facebook, use it.
  6. Share your blog posts: Share your blog posts as soon as you publish them on your page. Your followers are your target audience, encourage them to read and share your content.
  7. Create a buzz around your upcoming post: Write a brief excerpt about your next blog post, generate interest before you even publish.
  8. Produce and post Videos: Videos posted directly to facebook or via YouTube has a high engagement rate. Go ahead, get creative and post videos relevant to your nice. be unique and original.
  9. A picture can tell a story: Images have a better visual appeal than plain text, so use big, interactive images and infographics on your page or posts.
  10. Leverage your cover photo: Cover photo on your facebook profile, page or group is one of the first things your connections will notice. Use this area as a notice board to announce your Top blog posts, your latest post or offering.
  11. Do not forget to use CTA buttons: Quite recently facebook started some amazing call-to-action buttons for pages. You can use the sign-up button to generate leads and create an email list for your blog.
  12. Go premium on your group: Create a specific group for your target audience. Use this group to share premium tips and tricks with your groupies. This will encourage people to stay and invite others to join.
  13. Use the Facebook social plugin: If you have a facebook page, get the social plugin to display on your blog or website. This will help your visitors to like your page without actually visiting facebook.
  14. Create a barrier around valuable content: Now, this is a cool idea which I read about recently and I am yet to implement. But, I think it is a wonderful concept. What you need to do is create an attractive call to action before your audience can reach the actual content ( CTA can be like before accessing)
  15. Be helpful: Though I have put this at the very end, I think this is one of the most important things to do. Share updates which will be helpful for your fans and followers. This will get you maximum shares.

I hope these tips will help you to get some leverage on Facebook. Also, do let me know if something else has worked for you.




Top 20 Digital Marketers You Have To Follow On Twitter!


I thought it would be really nice to share with you all the list of content and digital marketers I follow on twitter. I follow these people primarily because they share great content and by following them I have constant access to some amazing and informative content. Following these amazing people has inspired me to do what I do now.

I am hoping that you will also benefit immensely by this list. By following them on twitter, you are sure to learn new things about content marketing, blogging, digital marketing on a regular basis.

So, without wasting any more time I present to you the Top 20 Digital Marketers to follow on twitter.

  1. Lee Odden@leeodden : CEO Marketing. Author, Speaker & Consultant on Content & Influencer Marketing, Social Media, PR & SEO.
  2. Jay Baer@jaybaer : The most re-tweeted person in the world among digital marketers. Author, speaker, podcaster, investor. President of .
  3. Jason Falls – @JasonFalls : Author, Speaker, Humorist. Allegedly wise to the ways of PR, Digital Marketing, and Social Media. SVP at .
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk – @garyvee : Businessman. CEO of . Host of show and a dude who Loves the Hustle.
  5. Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi : Content Marketing Institute () and Content Marketing World . Author, .
  6. Mark Schaefer – @markwschaefer : Chieftain of the blog {grow} & social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, author of five best-selling books including Social Media Explained & The Content Code
  7. Jeff Bullas – @jeffbullas : #1 Content Marketing Influencer,Social Media Marketing Strategist & Speaker,Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer,#1 Global Business Blog.
  8. Heidi Cohen – @heidicohen : Actionable Marketer, speaker, professor, journalist shares practical advice on social media, content marketing, small business & life.
  9. Neil Patel – @neilpatel : Entrepreneur, investor & influencer. Columnist for Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post & more. Founded KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, QuickSprout & Hellobar.
  10. Gini Dietrich – @ginidietrich : CEO Arment Dietrich. Author, blog and book. Co-author Marketing in the Round. Speaker.
  11. Ann Handley – @MarketingProfs : Head of Content at MarketingProfs; author of the WSJ bestseller, Everybody Writes. I’m waging a war on mediocrity in content marketing.
  12. Bob Geller – @rgeller : President of Fusion PR (), news junkie, music lover, dad.
  13. Guy Kawasaki – @GuyKawasaki : Mantra: I empower people. Chief evangelist of . Author of thirteen books. Former chief evangelist of Apple.
  14. Joe Lazauskas – @JoeLazauskas : EIC . Top 10 Content Marketing Influencer. Someone put me on a billboard in Times Square once.
  15. Syed Noman Ali – @ITSocialGuide : Founding Editor , Digital Markeing Manager , Freelance , manage web & team.
  16. Ann Smarty – @seosmarty : Brand manager | Founder | Co-founder +If all you need is SEO, follow [I tweet a lot!]
  17. Mari Smith – @MariSmith – Social Media Thought Leader | Top Facebook Marketing Expert | Globe-trotting Speaker | Author | ‘Mari like Ferrari’ |
  18. Stephanie Losee – @slosee –  head of brand content, Top 25 Innovator, former Managing Editor of , believer and communications re-conceiver
  19. Rebecca Lieb@lieblink : All media, all the time | analyst, author, speaker & strategic advisor on digital advertising, media & content
  20. Jeff Korhan – @jeffkorhan : Marketing Keynote Speaker for Small Business, author of Built-In Social & host of This Old New Business podcast. Green Industry guy too!

This is my Top 20 twitter follows, this list is purely based on my experience so it can be different for you. Although, if you are not following any of them I suggest you do. Also, if you think there are any names I might have missed and you feel they should be on this list, you can let me know about them in the comments section.

You are welcome to follow me on twitter too: @AquaRag1 , I will follow back everyone who does.