12 Blogging Tools To Help You Write Better & Reach More Readers!


Every blogger wants to create stunning content, organize and come up with strategic blog posts, and reach out to as many readers as possible. But, the question remains how can one do it? What’s the best possible way to successfully do all these things? In this post, I will share with you a list of tools and resources which I personally use to run this blog and other sites. I have categorized these tools in segments which will focus on areas which are key to your blogging success. Do let me know in the comments section, If I have missed any of your favorite blogging tools.

Best Tools To Help With Content Ideas:

1.Quora: This is an absolute gem of a site, where I regularly go to understand the challenges and problems real people have. Quora is a platform where questions are asked and answers are given by real people. So for coming up with blogging ideas you can go here.

2.BuzzSumo: I frequently use BuzzSumo to keep track of the most shared content and what key influencers are talking about. This tool is essential to understand content trends across the globe, which in turn will inspire blogging ideas. Free functions are limited.

Best Tools For Organizing Content:

3.Evernote: I use Evernote basic which is absolutely free and gives me an opportunity to organize my work in one single place. Use this tool to take notes, track tasks, and save things you find online. You can even sync everything between your phone and computer automatically.

4.Google Calendar: I recently started using Google Calendar, because I found out it can be used as an amazing editorial calendar. It helps me immensely in assigning posts across different platforms.

Awesome Tools Which Can Be Used For Optimizing Your Content:

5.Google Trends: Whenever I have a blog post idead, I run the topic through google trends. This gives me an understanding of search volumes, keyword possibilities etc.

6.Adwords Keyword Planner: Extremely important tool to understand the dynamics of any and every keyword that is related to your topic and content. I use it often if I am really targeting a specific keyword group.

Great Tools To Make Your Writing Better:

7.Hemingway: A wonderful free tool to check sentence density and text readbility. This tool has helped me greatly in checking for text comprehension when I write detailed posts.

8.Grammarly: Once again an amazing tool to take care of all the grammar and punctuation anamolies of your content. I use this app on my browser, hence I get immediate prompts if I am messing up while writing.

Killer Tools To Produce Wonderful Visual Content:

9.Picmonkey: This is my personal favorite when it comes to creating beautiful images for my blog post. Just pick back grounds, edit and add text or create beautiful pictures from the scratch. Most of the functions are free to use.

10.Canva: Great design software online for all your graphic needs, I am trying to use this but I find it a little advanced for my skill levels. But nevertheless has some great features. You can create infographics, flyers, Facebook covers etc.

Top Tools For Content Distribution:

11.Buffer: This takes care of most of my sharing activities. A great tool to help distribute and schedule your posts across multiple social networks. A must have to share content.

12.Mailchimp: I have not used this email list management and distribution tool for this blog yet, but I have used it for some of my other online entities. Great interface and you can send 12000 emails in a month to 2000 subscribers on your list free of cost. If you have some spare cash to spend I suggest using AWeber or GetResponse for your email list management and campaigns.

Your tools?

Do let me know what tools you are currently using and if you have used any of the tools I have listed here, if yes how was your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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15 Tips To Write An Awesome Blog Title!


Your blog title is more important than the post/article itself. That is how I see it, would anyone read your post if not for the Title? So, instead of neglecting your title, it is time that you considered coming up with interesting and ideal blog titles.

Titles or headlines are arguably the most important element of the post. An awesome headline or title makes your readers want to read more and see what you have written. So, how do we write fantastic titles for our blog posts? Here are 15 tips to help you write an Awesome title for your next blog post:

  1. Keep it short: Long titles don’t work. It is advisable that you keep your titles below or up to 70 characters. Your titles need to be short and focused. Explaining clearly what the post is about. Eg: ” How to write a blog post effectively”, Short and clear.
  2. Use lists and numbers: Starting a title with a number helps the title stand out. Readers will know what to expect from your post. Use words like Tips, Tricks, Ways etc. Eg: The title of this post: “15 tips to write an awesome blog title“.
  3. Avoid being vague: Your title should define the content of your post, failing which your readers won’t be interested in reading your post. Eg: Vague:How to write a post“, Clear:How to write a blog post effectively
  4. Showcase value: Your title should explain the value it will bring to your audience if they read your post. A clear indication of value will keep your reader engaged and prompt him to read further. Eg title. ” 15 Facebook marketing tips“.
  5. Pay attention to grammar: A well structured sentence will influence a reader to look further. Though search engines do not pay attention to grammar, your reader does. Keep that in mind while writing your titles.
  6. Educate your audience: Many people search for content which will help them learn about a certain subject. Your title should reflect your intention to teach your readers. Eg title:” How to increase blog traffic“.
  7. Controversial titles: We are all attracted to reading controversies because we are all curious by nature. So use that human trait to your advantage by coming up with controversial titles. Eg title: ” Content is king is the biggest lie of this year
  8. Exaggerate and sell: Do not shy away from selling your blog post. You can use words which will help create a sense of urgency with your titles. Eg title. ” Read now to start monetizing your blog!”
  9. Do not forget the keywords: Your blog title should have keywords which define your topic. This will help you with Google search and ranking.
  10. See what others are doing: One good way of coming up with interesting titles is by checking what others are doing with their titles and bettering it.
  11. Asking questions: Write your titles in the form of a question. This will help to bring your readers in. Eg title. ” Think you know affiliate marketing? Let’s find out“.
  12. Test your titles: One good way to land the best title is to test what works. You could use 2 different variations of the same title and test them on twitter or facebook  and stick with the one which performed better.
  13. Brainstorm for options: Never settle down with the first title you can think of, chances are that is not the best one. Create multiple options and see which feels better.
  14. Strive to be unique: It pays to be unique, try and write titles which are not too common. Try something different. Be clear and be unique.
  15. Be audience focused: You are writing the post for your readers. Keep them in mind when you write your titles too. Understand what your audience wants and capture that in your title. This will help you connect better with your readers.

These tips have always worked for me and I hope that if you are not following these tips  already you will try them out now. If you tried other tips and if they have worked for you do let me know in the comments.

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Top 9 Free E-Books For Bloggers!


So, I thought it would nice to put together a list of free e-books which every blogger can use. I have personally gained a lot of knowledge with these books and I want to share them with you. These e-books will help you become a better blogger and become successful with your blogs.

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Top 9 Free E-Books for Bloggers!

  1. How To Start A Blog: This is a wonderful ebook which is both suitable for beginners and advanced blogger. Download E-Book
  2. Guest Blogging EBook: I learned a lot of tips from this ebook, it is a wonderful collection of advice on the intricacies of guest blogging and how it needs to be done the right way. Download E-Book
  3. Who’s There: Written by Seth Godin, this is my personal favorite. Although it is not about making your blog successful or selling products, it beautifully summarizes the influence of blogging in your life, career and lifestyle. It is a must read! Download E-Book
  4. The Blogger’s Workbook: As the name suggests, this is a concise book which focuses on a blogger’s blogging lifecycle. It is very helpful to organize yourself and move forward. Download E-Book
  5. Design It Yourself: An absolute must have, I am reading this book right now and I am learning some amazing things. A perfect ebook to have to learn how to create visual content for your blog. Download E-Book
  6. Pocket Guide To SEO: Most of my SEO knowledge has come from this book. This is a great little book to learn about: proper keywords, descriptions, headlines etc. Download E-Book
  7. How To Make Money Blogging: A perfect guide for anyone who wants to make money blogging and learn how to monetize your blog. Download E-Book
  8. 365 Writing Prompts: Awesome collection of daily inspiration for writers. Download E-Book
  9. How To Create Your First EBook: Really an awesome book for anyone who is planning to create their ebook. I am inspired to bring out an ebook after I read this one. Download E-Book

Hope these free ebooks will help you in being successful bloggers. Do share your views with me after you read them.

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The Amazing List Of Sites For Guest Blogging!


Guest blogging is very critical for your growth as a blogger. Guest blogging as an activity can help you build credibility as a blogger in your chosen niche. Apart from defining your growth as a blogger, guest blogging is also useful in attracting visitors to your blog/website and building your subscriber base. So, it is very important to strategize your guest blogging plan early on. Here in this list, I have put together 5 top guest blogging sites each, for 5 common industry categories.

Blogging/Social Media/Marketing Websites/Blogs For Guest Posting

  1. Kissmetrics: This is a great place for guest blogging. KISSmetrcis is quite popular for customer intelligence and web analytics. They cover a range of digital marketing topics on their blog. You can approach them for Guest blogging here: Write For Kissmetrcis.
  2. MarketingProfs: MarketingProfs is a very renowned platform for marketing professionals with over 600,000 users. They accept guest posts on topics which are “How to” and opinion pieces. Write for MarketingProfs.
  3. Social Media Examiner: By far the most influential and top site for social media related topics, Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest social media marketing resource. If social media is your niche you can Write For Social Media Examiner.
  4. ShoutMeLoud: If you want to reach out to an Indian audience, you should consider guest blogging at ShoutMeLoud, which is considered as a leading blog for bloggers in the Indian region. The topics covered on this blog are related to blogging, SEO, Making money online etc. Write for ShoutMeLoud.
  5. Duct Tape Marketing: Duct Tape Marketing is a leading place for digital agencies and small business owners to find marketing solutions. You can offer your guest blogging services to them if Marketing and SEO lie under your purview. Write for Duct Tape Marketing.

Business & Small Business Blogs/Websites For Guest Posting

  1. SurveyMonkey Blog: Survey Monkey is one of the most established names in the online survey space. Guest blogging opportunities are available on their blog for bloggers who write about small business, survey tips, research & data etc. Write for SurveyMonkey Blog.
  2. SmallBizTrends: SmallBizTrends is a leading online publication for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Any topics on small business will be accepted here. Write For SmallBizTrends.
  3. Women On Business: As the name suggests, Women On Business is an online destination for the news and information women need to be successful in the business world. Write For Women On Business.
  4. Bplans: Bplans is a website, which helps people to build and plan their businesses. Write For Bplans.
  5. Business-Opportunities.Biz: A leading platform for small business entrepreneurs, Business-Opportunities.Biz offers ideas and real opportunities for real people. Write For Business-Opportunities.Biz ( Fill the contact form)

Writing & Writer Blogs/Websites For Guest Posting

  1. Write To Done: Write To Done is a place to learn about writing. You can find tips about writing here for all kinds of writers. So when you do guest post be very sure of your grammar and punctuation. Write For Write To Done.
  2. Writers In Charge: This blog is a place for writers to get access to content which will make them better at writing, freelancing and making money as writers. Go here to: Write For Writers In Charge.
  3. Make A Living Writing: With over 15000 subscribers, Make A Living Writing is a blog for freelance writers to hone their writing skills and make money. Write For Make A Living Writing.
  4. FreelanceFolder: This is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. They publish articles and information about these topics. Write For FreelanceFolder ( Fill contact us form and send with proposal)
  5. About Freelance Writing: This is a reputed website for freelance writers to learn and share. Write For About Freelance Writing.

Technology Websites/Blogs For Guest Posting

  1. Digital Inspiration: Digital Inspiration is among the top 100 technology and how-to blogs on the Internet out of an estimated total of 130+ million blogs.The purpose of the site is to help you take maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you spend more time doing things you really love. Write For Digital Inspiration.
  2. TechieBlogger: This blog is an all round technology blog, with topics ranging from web design, templates, software, and operating system tips. You can make some money on revenue sharing also by guest posting on this blog. Write For TechieBlogger.
  3. ReadWriteReadWrite is one of the most widely read and respected tech news sites in the world. Write For ReadWrite.
  4. Calling All Geeks: Calling All Geeks is India’s leading Technology blog  for iPhone, Gadgets, Tech updates and Twitter lovers. Here you will get all the latest Information about iPhone Applications, Apple news, Twitter tools, latest Gadgets and software reviews. Write For Calling All Geeks.
  5. Inspirationfeed: Inspirationfeed is a great resource for both beginners and advanced creative entrepreneurs, designers, and freelancers looking to expand and improve their knowledge.Every week they publish insightful articles about design, business, technology, and entrepreneurship. Write For Inspirationfeed.

Travel Websites/Blogs For Guest Posting

  1. GlobalGrasshopperGlobalGrasshopper is a global magazine and resource for independent travellers. They feature photography, guides and travel inspiration with a slightly off-beat outlook. Write For GlobalGrasshopper.
  2. 2 BackPackers: This is a Latin America travel blog focused on a collection of travel photos, travel tips and top travel destinations from Central and South America. Write For 2 BackPackers.
  3. Viator Blog: Viator is a blog for travel inspiration and advice. The blog features news, places and destinations. Write For The Viator Blog.
  4. InspiringTravellers: The blog features a travelogue. Write For InspiringTravellers.
  5. Travel Supermarket: This is primarily a travel website, with travel deals and bookings. But the blog features posts about destinations, travel advice etc. Write For Travel Supermarket.

So, this is my compilation of the Top 5 websites/blogs in each of the categories. I have picked categories which I feel are common, Please do let me know if you would like to see a list from other categories also, You can leave me a comment. Also, I have found this guest blogging community called MyBlogGuest, check it out too to find guest blogging opportunities.

21 Quotes Which Will Inspire You To Become A Better Content Marketer!


The weekend is here and I was thinking, it would be a good idea to wrap this week up with some quotes for inspiration and motivation. As bloggers we all know how important content is and how essential understanding content marketing is. So, I just created a list of quotes from some of the best content marketing gurus right now. I firmy believe that these quotes will help us to move in the right direction and keep us motivated to create amazing content.


  1. Seth Godin“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” 
  2. Brian Clark“Content Marketing is educating people enough to do business with you.”
  3. Ann Handley“Quality content means content that is packed with clear utility and is brimming with inspiration, and it has relentless empathy for the audience.”
  4. Jay Baer” It’s not enough to create great content. You have to -market your marketing.”
  5. Neil Patel“Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome!”
  6. Rebecca Lieb“Content strategy is the infrastructure of content marketing. Without answers to “Why” & “How” the result is chaos.”
  7. Lee Odden “If you want your content to be great, ask your community to participate.”
  8. Joe Pulizzi “A blog post is like a miniskirt … it needs to be long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep it interesting.”
  9. Marsha Collier“Content-based marketing gets repeated in social media and increases word-of-mouth mentions; it’s the best way to gather buzz about a product.”
  10. Mark Schaefar“Creating great content is not the finish line. It’s the starting line.”
  11. Scott Abel“Adapt to your customer’s needs.  They expect it.”
  12. Pratik Dholakiya “Be Human. It’s the one trait you and all your customers have in common.”
  13. Robert Rose“Marketing is telling the world you are a rockstar. Content marketing is showing the world you are one.”
  14. Joe Chernov“Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it.”
  15. Arnie Kuenn“It takes courage to give away something of value without the expectation of immediate return”
  16. Mari Smith“Content is king, but engagement is queen and she rules the house”
  17. Jon Buscall“Content marketing is a commitment not a campaign.”
  18. Andy Crestodina“When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.”
  19. Gary Vaynerchuk“If you are not putting out relevant content in relevant places. You do not exist.”
  20. Cyrus Shepard“Focus on providing better answers for your audience.”
  21. David Ogilvy“Do not … address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium. When people read your copy, they are alone. Pretend you are writing to each of them a letter.”

I hope, you will understand the essence of each quote and use what ever you learn from them in your blogging, business or other endeavors.

If you have any quotes to add, share it in the comments I will update this list. Also, you can follow these Social Influencers on twitter for daily inspiration.

15 Free Facebook Marketing Tips For Bloggers


Okay, So we all agree that Facebook is the largest social network in the world right now. Like me, there are many people who use facebook both for staying connected with family and friends and also to promote their blogs, websites and content. I personally believe facebook is one the best networks to promote our blogs. Let us look at some statistics which will support my beliefs.


  1. How many people use Facebook globally? 1.55 billion monthly users and growing
  2. Daily number of Facebook users? 1.01 billion active users ( Imagine the exposure you can get)
  3. Percentage of Facebook users who access Facebook daily: 65% ( This is insane!)
  4. Average time spent on facebook by active users: 20 minutes 

So anyone who disagrees with me on facebook being a great place to promote our blogs may have to eat humble pie. You can take a look at some more Facebook Statistics if you aren’t convinced. Hence, facebook appears at the top of my list for marketing my blog and here are 15 tips which will also help you to leverage Facebook for marketing your blogs.

  1. Be Real: Facebook is a place for real people, be the real you and connect with your audience on an emotional level. Use real names, have a completed bio and use simple language.
  2. Get proactive: Once you are on facebook and have your page or group ready, reach out to your target audience. You can’t expect them to come to you. Connect with influencers and build relationships which will help you in your promotions.
  3. Like and comment on other pages: If you want an audience for your posts and your blog, go ahead and like other pages. Comment and communicate with them and add value. This will bring your blog or website into notice and help you build your network.
  4. Inspire and motivate: Share motivational and inspirational messages and images on your page, profile, and groups. Research has shown that they get the most likes and helps build a bond with your fans and followers.
  5. Humor can never go wrong: Share humorous anecdotes, memes, images, and videos. An occasional post or meme of cats and dogs will lighten the mood. Humor is the biggest seller on facebook, use it.
  6. Share your blog posts: Share your blog posts as soon as you publish them on your page. Your followers are your target audience, encourage them to read and share your content.
  7. Create a buzz around your upcoming post: Write a brief excerpt about your next blog post, generate interest before you even publish.
  8. Produce and post Videos: Videos posted directly to facebook or via YouTube has a high engagement rate. Go ahead, get creative and post videos relevant to your nice. be unique and original.
  9. A picture can tell a story: Images have a better visual appeal than plain text, so use big, interactive images and infographics on your page or posts.
  10. Leverage your cover photo: Cover photo on your facebook profile, page or group is one of the first things your connections will notice. Use this area as a notice board to announce your Top blog posts, your latest post or offering.
  11. Do not forget to use CTA buttons: Quite recently facebook started some amazing call-to-action buttons for pages. You can use the sign-up button to generate leads and create an email list for your blog.
  12. Go premium on your group: Create a specific group for your target audience. Use this group to share premium tips and tricks with your groupies. This will encourage people to stay and invite others to join.
  13. Use the Facebook social plugin: If you have a facebook page, get the social plugin to display on your blog or website. This will help your visitors to like your page without actually visiting facebook.
  14. Create a barrier around valuable content: Now, this is a cool idea which I read about recently and I am yet to implement. But, I think it is a wonderful concept. What you need to do is create an attractive call to action before your audience can reach the actual content ( CTA can be like before accessing)
  15. Be helpful: Though I have put this at the very end, I think this is one of the most important things to do. Share updates which will be helpful for your fans and followers. This will get you maximum shares.

I hope these tips will help you to get some leverage on Facebook. Also, do let me know if something else has worked for you.



21 Simple Steps To Increase Your Blog Traffic.


Everyone loves to get massive traffic to their blogs. I mean why do we even have blogs? Because you want to share your experiences with other people. So, what good is all that blog writing if you don’t have any traffic? Simply put the most critical aspect of every blog’s success is directly dependant on how popular it is and popularity depends on how many people actually visit your blog. Agreed, that content is very important in building your reader base, but how will you build a reader base if you don’t get anyone to come to your blog? Right?

How to Increase traffic to my blog? What should I do? These questions haunt every blogger. There is so much information online explaining how to build blog traffic that you may feel overwhelmed. So, I have decided to bring to you 21 easy yet effective steps to drastically increase your blog traffic. Read and implement!

  1. Titles are your game changers: Catchy headlines are the most effective way of capturing your reader’s attention. So work on your titles, take your time with it. Make then unique and stand out. Look around for inspiration.
  2. Bring out unique content: Your blog needs to be a source of information for your readers. A place where your audience finds solutions to their problems. Your content will make or break your authority as a blogger.
  3. More power to detailed posts: Write detailed posts, make your content deep and rich.
  4. Write frequently: Write as often as possible, the more content you can churn out the better for your blog.
  5. List posts are hot: List blog posts get more traffic than regular posts. Write more of them.
  6. Follow a schedule: Blog consistenly and follow a schedule with your posts, your readers will know when to expect content from you.
  7. Analyse your content: Understand which type of content performs better and write more of them.
  8. Choose topics from trends: Keep a watch on Twitter and Google Trends, write about the hottest trends here.
  9. Increase visual appeal: Make your blogposts visually appealing, make relevant infographics and images to give your posts the edge.
  10. Leverage social media: Create a facebook page for your blog, Tweet every post you publish on twitter. Share on LinkedIn, Google+ and other similar platforms.
  11. Guest post regularly: Network with fellow bloggers and pitch them. The more you guest post, the more authority you gain. Be reasonable with your pitch though, no need to be aggresive.
  12. Blog directories still work: Find as many blog directories as possible out there and list your blog on all of them.
  13. Involve influencers: Engage with influencers in your domain and get their views and quote them in your posts about specific topics. You can even interview them and post it to your blog.
  14. Focus on SEO best practices: Do not forget to interlink your posts. Use relevant keywords in the content and your titles. Link out to authority sites wherever necessary. Basic SEO techniques are very important.
  15. Start a giveaway: incorporate a free giveaway on sign in or start a competition involving your readers. You could give away a eBook.
  16. Work on your blog design: Make sure you pick a nice layout, a beautiful theme for your blog. Doesn’t matter if it is free or paid, but it needs to be attractive.
  17. Get interactive: Be active on forums like Reddit, Quora and other communities.
  18. Engage with your readers: Always reply to the comments on your posts. Be polite and answer queries. This will help you gain a loyal following.
  19. Do not hesistate to take feedback: You are writing for your audience, so go ahead and ask them what they would want you to write about. Deliver of what they want.
  20. Use link bait techniques: Implement this technique to bring out content which will encourage sharing.
  21. Share your expertise: The last one by far is the most important one, be the person who helps people with their problems. Share your knowledge so that your readers can make things better for themselves.